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Pioneer in respecting the regulations in force, Isopractic; has been the first manufacturer to obtain the AENOR quality certificate for each of its metal profiles references, thus ensuring that its products are subjected to rigorous controls throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring all dimensional averages, thicknesses, resistance to bending, galvanization and quality of steel, in accordance with the requirements established by the AENOR Regulation and UNE 102043.

In addition, since 2009, our profiles have been certified and also enjoy the French quality seal NF, which attests to the conformity to the standards as well as the manufacturing control by the prestigious CSTB laboratory. Our Isopractic Profiles have the EOM / 31 certificate since 03-04-2009.

Each piece of profile manufactured is marked during the manufacturing process, guaranteeing the characteristics and traceability of the steel to the mother coil, and all have defined inertia that allow the calculation of the structures according to the required assembly.

In a process of constant evolution and to provide new solutions to our customers, we have developed since 2014, the range of DIN 18182 Profiles.

The new European regulation (EU 305/2011) entered into force on July 1, 2013, establishes the obligation to deliver the products accompanied by the Declaration of Performance (DoP), which replaces what was established as a declaration of conformity.

In addition, our Isopractic Systems have undergone numerous mechanical and fire resistance tests in the APPLUS+ laboratory, which guarantees their validity throughout Europe.

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