These general terms and conditions of sale shall apply to all sales of products manufactured or marketed by Isopractic, S.L. and shall prevail over any others in force to date. Any general terms and conditions of the buyer that are in contradiction with these terms and conditions shall not apply.

The prices of our products will be those published in our price list and those contained in our purchase order confirmation, being of preferential application these later one in case of divergence. The prices and conditions of sale that will be applied will be those in force on the day of receipt of the order. The invoice will include the taxes in effect at the time of shipment. These are not included in the price-list. Prices are not considering VAT, the purchasing company is responsible for complying its tax laws of the country.

The delivery dates confirmed by Isopractic are approximate and indicative, and these are subject to the availability of suitable means of transport. Our pricing policy is understood for goods located on trucks in our facilities. The packaging of our products is carried out in accordance with Isopractic’s quality standards. Normal packaging according to these standards is included in the price. Should be any change of packaging, the price difference will be borne by the customer.

Cancellations and Returns: The cancellation or modification of any manufactured order or the return of any material will not be accepted if it matches the purchase order confirmed by the customer.

Deliveries / Transfer of Risk: Unless otherwise agreed, products sold by ISOPRACTIC travel at the buyer’s own risk, regardless of the mode of transport. The transfer of risks occurs as soon as they are handed over to the carrier.

Claims: Should the goods be received in bad condititon, it will be essential to mention it on the delivery note of the goods and transport document CMR, besides our sales department should be informed by email, giving evidences with pictures of the “non-compliant goods” attaching a copy of the delivery note and CMR. All this must be sent to the Isopractic sales representative within a MAXIMUM PERIOD of 48 HOURS from the receipt of the order at their facilities. No claims of any kind will be accepted once the products have been installed or used, or have been improperly stored.

Storage recommendations: Atmospheric agents affect the durability of the zinc plating of the profiles, so it is recommended to store them in covered and closed warehouses. If they are stored outdoors, place them slightly at an angle to allow rainwater to drain and protect them with properly ventilated polyethylene tarpaulins to prevent condensation.

Jurisdiction: Only the jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona is recognized, even if there is a plurality of defenders or a request for guarantees.

Non-payment: The total or partial non-payment of one of the invoices when due will allow ISOPRACTIC S.L. to cancel any commercial agreement previously agreed with the company involved.